Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Random Tag

So, lately I find not much time to write blogposts. I just am so busy with school that I hardly have time to read anything. I wasn't tagged in this but I would like to do it anyway.
This tag basically are some random questions and you have to answer these. Many book bloggers did them before me, so it's time to jump on to the bandwagon. Here we go!

1. What is your favorite food?
This question really is a hard one. I love so many things! I really like deer steak, spaghetti, lasagne, hamburgers, mussels, a dutch dish called Kapsalon, bearnaise sauce haha. As you can see, many random things!

2. what are you having/ did you have for dinner tonight?
I honestly don't know. I'll be eating at my dad's girlfriend's place so wouldn't know! I hope on spaghetti!

3. Who was he last person you emailed?
uuuhmmm, let me check! .... I emailed a woman called rebecca, she's a student coach and I hope to make an appointment with her soon!

4. What sports do you do?
haha damn, I feel ashamed to admit but, I don't do any sports. I just don't find the time to do it and I'm lazy as hell!

5. Do you have any pet hates?
well, let's put it this way, I feel a strong hate against terrorists, rapists and people who think to know it all.

6. Do you play any musical instruments?
not a thing!

hope you all liked this tag! Here are the people I tag to do this:
- Kwante from KwanteInWonderland
- MariĆ«lle from
- Lisa from LeaveNoStoryBehind


  1. Thanks for the tag!I will do this tag and mention you but will be scheduled later because the schedule is already full until June 2