Review policy

I'm more than happy to receive copies for review. I only read YA books. I like historical, contemporary, dystopian, sci-fi and fantasy.
At the moment I don't accept self published books and ebooks, I did this a lot in the past on my YouTube channel but authors kept asking and got more and more ebooks and didn't had the time anymore for my self bought books.

If you send me a book for review I will give it my consideration and may even review it, but I can’t promise to like it. This blog will contain only my honest impressions – which can range from superlative praise to a lukewarm reception. In either case I hope you’ll respect my aims: to connect people with great books and foster a reading community. 

If you'd like your books to be reviewed you can email me at

Most of my reviews will be in English, however for Dutch publishers I'd like to make an exception. I do review books in Dutch as well, just let me know if you'd like me to review anything for you. If I review books in Dutch it will be placed like this '(Nederlands)' behind every review I have done.

Review rating system:
5 stars - it was a great read!

4 stars - it was a really good read
3 stars - it was a good read
2 stars - it was okay
1 stars - I didn't enjoy the book

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