Friday, 4 March 2016

#FridayReads 04-03

Hello Hello,
Happy Weekend!

This weekend I'll be reading a great book by Meg Cabot called 'A royal Disaster'. It's the 2nd book in the princess diaries series and I already love it! I also will be reading the book 'winterdieren' by Bibi Dumon tak.
This weekend I'll also be working for school, because on monday a teacher is coming to my internship to see how I'm doing and will be giving advice.
Also my dad's company has open days, which means others can come and look how the company runs and they also can buy stuff. I'll be semi-helping.
And at last I'll be doing some work for school from last year, I still need to get my Propedeuse and need 8 studypoints for it. 4 things I need to make and 1 test. I'm working on it but it just goes so slowly, and  I only have till May to do it all, which means I'm stressing a lot about it.... :o

Hopefully your weekend will be less stressful than mine haha.
have a great day!

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