Friday, 18 March 2016

#FridayReads 18-03

Happy friday!

It's time for a new #FridayReads again. I'm so happy to finally having weekend :D past week was exhausting!
This weekend I'll be studying a lot because the next 2 weeks I have exams and tests at school.. But I also want to make some time for reading.
This weekend I want to finish the 2nd book in the princess diaries series by Meg Cabot called 'A royal disaster'. I've read about 50 pages today and I'm loving it so much! Meg's writing style is amazing!
I also want to read and finish a picture book I have to read for school and want to start in a book I got for review. I'm more than excited to read a bit again.
When having time I also want to write and plan some blogposts for the following weeks because my time will be minimal.
Hopefully the weather will be as good as we've had this past week. I just love the spring season!

Have a great weekend!

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