Sunday, 13 December 2015

Favorite screen characters Tag!

If you can't guess from the title, the point of this tag is to select (if you possibly can) ten of your favorite on-screen fictional characters (yes, only ten!). Then tag ten friends who can do this tag as well and they also choose ten others friends and so on and so on ....

I haven't been tagged by anyone but I just wanted to do the tag anyway! so let's start!

1. The Doctor
I love the Doctor for so many reasons! he's funny and sweet and just wants to help others. When he is in a bad mood he'll always say and he just needs to be surrounded by the people he love. He is a real person with a real heart that also can be broken from time to time. Out of all doctors I think the 10th and 11th are my favorites! you know why? 10 had such a love for Rose he would do anything for her! and 11 because he always brought out the best in people! He brought out the best of Amy and Rory.

2. Sherlock Holmes
Yes, on 2 my kinda all time favorite character as well, Sherlock Holmes! I like him best in the BBC adaption. He's always moody and thinks he always knows best! Although he says he has no friends, his best friend will always be John! How cute they are together. They would absolutely do anything to save each other, no matter what. Sherlock acts like if he has no heart and like he doesn't care but deep inside he does have feelings too, like everyone around him who loves him!

3. Mary Crawley
yes yes, I have a weak spot for Mary from Downton Abbey. It's one of my favorite tv shows ever and I loved mary through all the seasons. She has no eye for people lower in rank and always wants to score the best out of everything. She acts like if she doesn't care but to her Maid Anna she always speaks te thruth. She feels guilt for Matthew as well, when she falls in love with Mr.Pelham. She can be broken and isn't the manipulative biatch she always acts to be. She wants to help people her way and will always fight for what she wants.

4. Claire Fraser
Claire, from the tv show outlander! I discovered it only a couple of months ago but I am so addicted to it already. She is a strong and independent woman who fights for what she believes in. She helps people who are in need and she falls in love on the handsome scottish laird Jamie. She had a rough time by falling through time but she adapted and turned out to be the strong and loyal British woman. 

5. Mr. Harry Selfridge
In a time when nothing was certain, he moved from America all the way to London to follow his dream. He wanted to have his own department store, a place people could shop in all areas without leaving the store. 1 building and 1 place people could meet, shop and talk. He had this dream and made it come through. He left everything behind and he became succesful! That's why I love this character so much. When following a dream you shouldn't be affraid for the outcome, you always need to fight, no matter what!

6. Merlin (emrys)
Merlin from the TV show Merlin. He is so great! He makes people laugh and protects them without them knowing. He becomes friends with the prince, Arthur, who later becomes king. Even though magic is forbidden Merlin keeps this part of him a secret and helps Arthur wherever he can! They are friends, secretly best Friends. He's always there for all his friends and when battle comes, he always sides with Arthur. 

7. Miranda
Who doesn't love some British humor? Mirand Hart is the best! She has her own series called 'Miranda'. In this series she always makes the best jokes and is madly in love with this guy Gary who doesn't know for a long time. Miranda is the most clumsy person ever and that makes a hilarious and witty person. She almost never is unhappy and loves her friends deeply.

8. Damon Salvatore
Sweet sweet Damon.. He'll fight for Elena till the end. He loves her so much and she sometimes doesn't even care. He always plays the bad guy but deep inside he has so much of his humanity left. When he opens his heart, it's full of love! But also pain, regret and humiliation. 

9. Sansa Stark
For all the pain and loss she had to endure she always tries to stay strong. She tries to fight of her enemies as best as she can. She has her own mind. She has been trapped, punished and abused but she always fights for the better. She wants to save what's left of her dad's lands and she has her mind set on becoming the Lady she always intended to become.
10. Emma
I love Emma of the BBC period drama so much! in a time marriages were arranged, people had secrets and couldn't come out for their opinion, Emma is brave enough to ignore all of that! She is a strong 19th century woman and thinks she always knows best, until she one day figures out she doesn't.... She'll do everything for her friends and loves her father deeply. She is making her own choice!

So, this was my top 10 favorite screen characters! I actually have tons more but 10 was the limit. As you can probably see I'm a huuuuge period drama fan. Especially British ones. Hope you enjoyed my choices. For this Tag I need to tag 10 people! These 10 people are: 

If you like you can do this tag as well!


  1. Damon Salvatore!

  2. Sherlock Holmes is a great character! Especially when done by Benedict Cumberbatch. :D

    Cucie @ Cucie Reads

    1. Aw indeed :D Benedict is the best :D glad I met him several years ago, that voice <3

  3. Thanks for the tag! Will do this one in Januari!