Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Films!

Now that it is Christmas I'd love to share the Christmas films I've watched this December.
December 6th I started watching those films and got a pretty huge list at the moment. Don't you just love it as well to get into the Christmas mood? going to bed early, drinking some tea or hot chocolate, reading a book or watch a film under the warm blanket. Oh god, I just love it!

as I said, the list of Christmas films I watched is pretty huge! here they come:
- Chalet girl
- A princess for Christmas
- Elf
- A royal Christmas
- Anastasia
- Christmas with the Kranks
- love actually
- the santa clause
- the santa clause 2

Out of these I had some favorites as well! I'll be sharing my 3 favorites I've seen this year :)

The one I liked most out of all these was the film ELF!
Elf is about, well you can guess that, an elf! he was adopted as a child by one of santa's elfs and became an elf at the workshop for some time. Until he wanted to find his real dad somewhere in New York. When he goes to New York he finds his dad and his little step mom and brother, He now has to prove he can function as a 'normal' human in the actual world ;)

The 2nd one I liked most is 'A princess for christmas'. I just love this film so much! Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan are in it, Couldn't have a better combination! This film is about this woman called Jules and she is the adoptive parent of her sister's 2 kids, The sister and her husband died a year earlier at christmas time. Suddenly someone comes and asks if the kids and Jules want to spend Christmas in Europe with their granddad, who turns out to be a Duke. When in Europe jules meets the other son of the Duke, Ashton, and they start spending time together .......

And the last movie is Love Actually. Oh gosh, every year again I love this so much! A film full with great British actors and actresses who play the Christmas spirit so well! A film about love, hope and joy!

What were your favorite Christmas films this year?
Merry Christmas!

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