Sunday, 14 February 2016

Top 10 historical settings I'd like to see

So, recently I saw this top ten tuesday post about historical settings in YA books. Many YA books take place in medieval times or fantasy worlds, but there are tons of other settings I'd like to see or see more often.
I've made a little list of the settings I'd like to see most:

1. The 18th century. I'm a total sucker for everything 18th century. The clothes, the manners, the people, the castles etc.... I'm totally in love with this subject!

2. Ancient Egypt. I love the Egyptian civilization a lot and would just love to see this back in ya books.

3. The Roman period. Damn.. how much I would love to read a book about a sexy Roman guy <3

4. Pre-medieval England. how did they live back then and how would this come to it's right in a ya novel?

5. The Napoleontic period +- 1820 France! When I read articles about Napoleon and his battle at Waterloo I clearly can imagine a good ya book in that setting!

6. the Celtic period! woahh vikings and celts! would loooove this!

7. The Dutch golden age! The Michiel de Ruyter times!

8. The 20s. roaring 20s, the age of Jazz music and dance....

9. The very beginning of counting our years, 0! I would love to see a ya novel in the times of Jesus.

10. Books about the stone or iron age.

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