Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Who inspired my love for books?

When I was younger (age 5 to 14) I just hated reading and just all books in general. I hated that I had to read them for school and also hated them for all of the small letters and stupid stories.

when I went to secondary school I still kinda hated books. just the look of them would have made me vomit! luckily that quickly came to an end! one day I went to school and everyone was suddenly reading the dutch translation of Twilight. That was the day my rescue came!
I was so jealous on everyone who were talking about the book and discussing parts of it. I just had to be able to do the same with my classmates. so even though I hated books I picked up 'Twilight' by Stephanie Meyer. 

At first I found it really hard to get in and understand what was happening but soon I got the hang of it and a new world opened my eyes! I was immediately sold! I read the complete book in under a week (which back then was extremely fast for me). 
That book changed my life and the way I looked to books completely. A whole new door opened and I had acces to even more of those amazing YA books!

Ever since then I started reading properly. the first couple of years (till I was 17) I read maybe 10 books a year but when I met everyone in the booktube community reading became a new addiction and a need  I had to feed.. through booktube and goodreads I met so many great people and so many lovely authors who were nice and welcoming towards their fellow readers! I made new friends and learned to know so much more about books that I just love everything about my bookish life.

I have read all the books in the Twilight series and have watched every film of it! I joined Team Edward and got to live in this magical storyland. even now, 10 years after the release of Twilight I'm reading the gender swap twilight version 'life and death'. the books had it's inpact on me.

After all those years I still have Stephanie Meyer to thank for the amazing book 'Twilight'. It was a magical adventure and you've made a difference to so many people!
in my opinion Twilight was the birth of the YA genre :)

who Inspired your love for reading?

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