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Review: Doctor Proctors fart powder by Jo Nesbo

Title/author: Doctor Proctors fart powder by Jo Nesbo
Originally published/ year published: December 2009 by Simon & Schuster's Alladin
Genre: adventurous, children's, humor
How I got this book: library
Why I read this book: the book was recommended to me by a teacher
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

eleven year old Nilly is new to the neighbourhood, but is quick to make friends: DoctorProctor who is an eccentric professor who invents wacky potions and powders, and brainy Lisa who is always teased by the twin terrors Twyn and Truls.All is good farty fun when Nilly and Lisa help doctor Proctor develop his latest invention,a powder that makes you fart. The powder makes Nilly and Lisa very popular at school when they sell it for 50 cents a bag.
but when doctor Proctors creates an industrial-strenght version that can send people outer space, the kids must go to great lenghts to protect the invention and keep it out of the hands of the neighbors, who want to use the powder for evil purpouses

the blur already says a lot about the story of the book! I never knew before this book Jo Nesbo also wrote children's books, so this one came as a total suprise. I know he writes adult thrillers but as I said this one was quite the suprise. although he focuses on the adult books he wrote this one pretty well. I even heard there were more books in this series and that it has been translated into many languages.

In the book Nesbo's character comes to front, he writes very funny passages between the kids and the professor and has great one liners! the character of the kids is very curious. they want to be involved in everything and they love to find out new things. that's exactly what kids are these days! I can imagine that children will relate to the charachters in the book.
then we have Doctor Proctor, he is a very funny and insecure man who just wants to put his ideas into reality. He likes to make the weirdest potions and powder and he loves it! As a kid, I would have found this the most perfect dad in the world! :P although in the book the man is a Professor.
The book takes place in a city in Norway (the country Nesbo is from) and several Norwegian customs have been put into the book by him.

The book was quite easy to read and didn't have that many pages, which makes it the perfect evening read for kids. once you start the book you'll be sucked in from the start.

although I enjoyed the book very much I kinda felt that it wasn't the read I would recommend every kid. It had some quite rude words in it and some passages were maybe a little too hard to read for certain ages. In the end Nesbo is a thriller writer and not a childrens book writer. But however, I think Nesbo did a great job on writing this very exciting and funny book!

I gave the book 3 out of 5 stars, just because the book wasn't quite my cup of tea. 

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