Sunday, 1 November 2015

#Fridayreads 30-10


I know it's already sunday but because of studying for my exams (starting tomorrow) I totally forgot to put up the friday reads tag!
Last week I haven't read the books I wanted to read, although we in The Netherlands are having holidays for a week I studied a lot for my exams at uni starting tomorrow. Out of the books I was going to read I only finished one, which was the picture book 'waiting for winter' by Sebastian Messenmoscher. oh how much I enjoyed that book!
This weekend and week I'll be reading the book 'Life and death' by Stephanie Meyer. I read 3 chapters so far so I already started the book haha. So far I'm enjoying it, I only still need to get used of the idea of Bella and Edward being swapped :O in my head the characters tend to be mixed up a bit.
I also want to make a start in the book 'Mees Kees - a naughty class' by Mirjam Oldenhave, I have a huge list for uni to read so I better start asap! :P

what have you read this weekend and what will you be reading during the week?
let me know :)

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