Sunday, 15 November 2015

Downton Abbey has (unfortunately) come to an end

It's been a week ago since Downton Abbey ended. It was one of my favorite tv shows ever! How I enjoyed this series. I know how I started watching as if it was yesterday.

5 years and a bit ago Downton Abbey started airing on ITV. Because I live in the Netherlands we don't have ITV. luckily I saw people on twitter talking about the new show and I just had to give it a go. It really was the show that changed my life completely.
because I love history I enjoyed the show a lot as well. The whole Mary and Matthew story was so amazing and also Branson's and Sybil's one was great! Also downstairs there was the perfect amount of drama going on and immediately fell in love with Bates & Anna.
It was really sad Sybil and Matthew died so early in the show, would have loved to see more of them.

Many things happened during the years the show has runned. The actors and Actresses became very famous and soon the series became one of the best series the Brits have had in years!"
During the show they showed us life during the early 1900s and showed us the effect of the Titanic sinking in England. They showed us world war 1 and how the family was coping with it and also gave us a splendid ending of the women having more to say & being independant during the 20s.

Because of the show I met many people. I was very active on twitter back in the days and learned to know people over the internet. I even met 2 in real life as well. and both were huge Downton fans. One of the girls, Isis I visited in France about 3.5 years ago and we immediately became very good frieds in real life as well and the 2nd girl I met because of Downton was Louise, whome I met recently (October 31st) in Bruges, Belgium. And again, this girl was the sweetest person on the planet!

Because I was/am such a fan I also got the autographs from all series 1 actors of the show! even Maggie Smith (Dowages countess)! and back in Series 1 I wrote Allen Leech (Branson) a letter if he could send me an autograph to add to my Downton collection he even wrote back a letter to me! he was so sweet and thanked me for the support towards him and the show and that he never believed he would create fans. I have to say, everyone of the cast are really nice people and many became very well known during their Downton years.

this last series, series 5 was a very good one! It had it's portion of drama and the Dowager again had the best one-liners you can imagine! I was shocked that lord Grantham almost died though and that Mr. Talbot almost died in a car accident, (poor Mary!). Still can't believe Mary ruined Edith's engagement and Mary has married again. Series 5 really was one of my fav seasons.

I can't believe the show is over just yet. those 5 years went really fast and it all came as a total suprise when Julian Fellowes (the show writer) announced series 5 would be the last series. It was a shock! I have to say I'm still incredibly sad about it, the show meant a lot to me and always will!

The last episode is going to be this year's christmas special. Rose is returning and maybe Edith is going to have her happy end after all.

I want to wish all the actors best! and wanted to thank them for the great adventure as well.
Maybe one day (hopefully), Downton will come back in cinemas and make us fans excited again!

I know this post had nothing to do with books, I just had to share this emotional moment :)


  1. Hi Claire! I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining Bloggers Discuss! Your blog is really cute :)

    It's so disappointing when you find out one of your favorite shows is coming to an end. I haven't seen Downtown Abbey, but I've been wanting to try it! Hopefully I'll like it as much as you.

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

    1. Hi!
      No problem!
      Thank you for stopping by! It's really sad when it comes to an end but yea :/ i had some great experiences!

      X Claire