Friday, 8 April 2016

#FridayReads 08-04

Yay! It's friday again! As you might have noticed I was away for a week. This happened because I had some very heavy tests and exams at school and also I went to paris last weekend. Had no time to write blogposts.

Paris was great though! I went visiting a friend and together we had a great weekend! I went to chateau de Versailles on my own and the day later we did things together. We went to place des vosges, notre dame, sacre coeur, eiffel tower, place de la concorde and to the Cognacq-Jay museum. 

Of course I also went bookshopping at the Shakespeare and Company bookshop next to the Notre Dame. My friend lives a street from the bookshop away! There I bought the book 'Emma'by Jane Austen! :) 

So now I've updated you all it's time to talk about this weekend! I am almost finished  reading the 2nd book in the princess diaries series and also planning on reading a children's book, although I haven't quite looked for reading which one hehe! 

At this very moment I'm watching outlander as well, re-watching it! Just this series is so amazing! 

Voila! evidence picture! 

Have a great weekend! 

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