Friday, 23 October 2015

#FridayReads 23-10

Happy weekend!

It's finally friday and I have to say that I longed for the weekend. School's very busy and hectic but when it's weekend I hope to have a bit of time for myself. 
Over the weekend I've picked out some books to read again. 
For school, as I said last week, I need to read children's books. I picked out a normal book but also a picture book, and also will be reading YA! Hoooray!

I'll be reading the picture book: 'waiting for winter' by Sebastian Meschenmoser. The book looks so cute! The pictures in it are absolutely stunning and the story looks fun as well. It's a book about a squirrel, he looks adorable! 
Then I'll also be reading 'mees kees- a naughty class' by Mirjam Oldenhave and last but not least 'life and death' by Stephanie Meyer. 
I'm so excited to read this twilight gender swap. Bella will be Beau and Edward will be Edyth. HOW EXCITED IS THAT?!

which books will you be reading over the weekend? 


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