Thursday, 15 October 2015

#FridayReads 16-10

Here I'm again! Over the weekend I'll be reading books again. Last weekend I was so busy I only finished 'Hollow city' by ransom riggs. 

So this friday i'll be reading 'prisoner of night and fog' by Anne Blankman again, just because I hadn't time to finish it last week, but also will be reading a children's book for uni :) 
The 2nd book i'll be reading a dutch book which hasn't been translated to english called 'mees kees op de planken' by Mirnjam Oldenhave. It's a children's book which many dutch children have read or are reading. the 1st 2 mees kees books have been made into 1 movie :) kids between 7 and 10 absolutely love them.
 For uni I have to read 30 dutch childrens books this year, some might be translated, others aren't. 

I'm planning on also reviewing those on my blog. Just let me know what you think of the idea! 

Happy friday!

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