Thursday, 30 July 2015

Things I don't like when reading

You probably all know this feeling, getting interrupted while reading or something in the book happens you obviously don't like.
I'm going to tell you about things that happen to me often while reading I don't like. 

1. Someone calls or texts you in the middle of your chapter (aaarghhh this is soooo annoying haha)
2. You are reading for 2 hours straight and suddenly it is evening and your mum calls you down because dinner is ready... 
3. You need to go to the loo but are too lazy to go (little tip: how about taking the book with you?)
4. You have no bookmark near you but also don't want to fold the corner of the paper so you decide to write down the page number to remember and then lose the paper on which you have written it (hehe ;/ )
5. Your favorite character dies in the book (THOSE GAME OF THRONES FEELS!)
6. You're on the train or ferry and totally into your book, suddenly you reach your destination and need to put it away 

So, these were some of the things I don't like happening while reading a book. 
Am I the only one who experiences this? Haha


  1. I hate when I'm at a great part of the book and my boyfriend comes in to talk to me about random things. I've nearly missed my stop because I was reading. I've also been known to drive to a local park to read in my car when I know I won't get peace at home.LOL

    1. hahah what a shame. going to the park actually is a great idea! I live next to the beach so sometimes I go there to read a bit as well :P have a great day!